D23 Expo: Wizards of Waverly Place Fashion Show, Screening, Panel; Performance by Honor Society

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Still flying from winning their Creative Arts Emmy the day before, the cast of Disney Channel’s Wizard of Waverly Place held a panel on Sunday in which thousands of fans were treated also to a brief runway fashion show showing off a clothing line inspired by the show, the premiere of the third season (which airs October 9) and a performance by Disney recording artist Honor Society. Hosted by Radio Disney’s Ernie D, the only cast member unable to appear was David DeLuise who had broken his clavicle at the awards ceremony.

Apologies in advance for the (lack of) quality with the photos – the lighting was very uneven across the stage and made it difficult sometimes.

Here are some photos from the Wizards of Waverly Place-inspired fashion show:

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The third season premiere was then shown which in itself didn’t really address some of the big changes to the storylines that we are expecting in season three although it did have one possibly significant twist (based on a photo tweeted by Selena Gomez, it does appear that the twist will continue on in further episodes).

Next, the cast took the stage, introducing each other one by one. They each answered a few basic self-asked questions such as what their careers were like prior to WOWP, when they realized the impact the show had on its audience and what they enjoyed most about making Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie.

Also asked of each cast member are some of the changes we can expect to see with the characters in the third season. The big news that had already been announced was that Harper (Jennifer Stone) would be moving in with the Russos, but evidently the big surprise is where her bedroom will be located; having finished his wizard training, Alex (David Henrie) becomes a monster hunter and his love interest, vampire Juliet (Bridgit Mendler) will return for the season; Max (Jake T. Austin) will be taking the upcoming wizard competition more seriously; and according to Selena Gomez, the only thing that will change about Alex is her hair.

The panel then opened the floor to questions from the audience. About half the time, the question involved asking for a hug or to hand one of the cast something and the cast members graciously accepted — David Henrie even accepted a marriage proposal on stage from a fan. Other interesting moments included the cast ‘re-enacting’ their response to winning the Emmy in which they all just went insane on stage for several minutes and the entire Arena singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to an audience member.

Below are several photos from the panel portion including a couple of photos from the performance by Honor Society. More photos and videos to come.

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