‘Dancing with the Stars’ Winner Donny Osmond Helps Launch ‘Dance Star Mickey’ from Fisher-Price

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Legendary entertainer and reigning ‘Dancing with the Stars’ champ Donny Osmond joined Fisher-Price at the International Toy Fair in New York yesterday to help launch their newest product, Dance Star Mickey.

Introduced by Mattel Brands President Neil Friedman, Donny burst onto the stage with Mirror Ball Trophy in hand and immediately set the room on fire, regaling those in attendance with details of his lengthy relationship with The Walt Disney Company beginning with the Osmond Brothers being discovered by Walt himself.

Before long, Donny was joined by special guest Mickey Mouse himself who fearlessly accepted a dance-off challenge issued by Osmond. After a little tap dancing and a bit of disco, it was the Mouse’s split that sealed the win.

At last it was time for the curtain to rise, revealing the real star of the presentation, Dance Star Mickey, Fisher-Price’s most technologically advanced toy to date. Using a new, innovative mechanism, Dance Star Mickey is able to move and gesture in a very fluid and life-like way.

“We worked closely with Fisher-Price to make this the most animated Mickey Mouse toy ever made and to bring out the humor and endearing personality that has made him one of the world’s most beloved characters for generations,” said Chris Heatherly, vice president of Disney Toys. “Kids are going to have a lot of fun doing all the silly dances with their pal Mickey – from soul to Latin to contemporary hits.”

Dance Star Mickey encourages children to get up and dance along with him with about six different songs across multiple genres of music including a special ‘moon dance’ (which more accurately might slightly resemble walking). In addition to dancing, Dance Star Mickey can also play several interactive games with the children including Mickey Says.

Light on his feet, but not quite as light on the wallet, Dance Star Mickey will step up to the streets in October for $69.99.

Below are photos from the event. Please note that the photos have not yet been corrected. All photos © Stitch Kingdom. Video courtesy of Mattel Brands, Inc.

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