Disney Looking to Exterminate Deadmau5 Trademark

Deadmau5 trademark application artWe have done our fair share of trademark watching when it comes to The Walt Disney Company, and that includes disputes that arise over them as well, whichever side of the issue Disney happens to be on. Because trademark ownership requires companies take action when they feel their trademarks are potentially infringed upon, we tend to chalk most of them up to business as usual and ignore them. Sometimes we don’t. The vast majority of disputes are also usually over words. Don’t — for example — attempt to trademark anything with the word Monster in it unless you enjoy raging legal battles.

This dispute, however, is all kinds of different. This dispute involves music artist Deadmau5 (for the uninitiated, that reads: dead mouse) who is known for his giant headpiece that somewhat resembles a mouse of no particular notoriety else-wise. Disney’s legal time, as it appears, may think otherwise. While no formal objection has been filed at this time, Disney has asked for and been granted an extension to file their grievance with allowing Ronica Holdings to successfully register the logo for use in products. Disney has until July to either file the complaint, request another extension, or drop the matter altogether.

Ronica Holdings does already hold a trademark for the Deadmou5 logo skewed so the mouse head is looking in downward and to the side direction which may ultimately end up helping their case for the new registration, but for Disney, Deadmou5 may be hitting a little too close to home.


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3 thoughts on “Disney Looking to Exterminate Deadmau5 Trademark

  1. If anything, deadmau5’s headpiece looks more like Oswald than Mickey. With the large mouth, eyes out and elongated ears. I know I have never thought “Hey, that’s Mickey” when watching him perform.

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