DEBATE: What Ingredient Makes the Dole Whip so Special? (Spoiler)

Dole Whip FloatYesterday marked the opening of the application process for the 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panel available at As with last year’s application process, there were questions regarding specific knowledge on Disney Parks (as well as Disney trivia in general).

One of the questions has seemingly sparked up a bit of a debate between hopefuls — and perhaps with good reason:


(A) Whipped Cream (B) Pineapple (C) Soft Serve Ice Cream (D) Strawberries

Immediately we can eliminate both A and D simply because anyone who’s everlooked at a Dole whip, let alone ate one, can see those two options don’t exist. So that just leaves one of two remaining possibilities. Is it the pineapple that makes it special? or is it that it’s soft serve ice cream?

But before we answer, let’s just all agree on this: neither one of those really tends to make a product special. So we’ll just loosen up our definition of special just this once.

So the pineapple or the soft serve ice cream? The pineapple answer comes into question (and very reasonably so) because despite Disneyland only offering a pineapple version, Walt Disney World offers a choice of pineapple, vanilla or orange, and even a swirled combination. It’s also par for the course that if you do ask for a Dole whip at Aloha Isle at Magic Kingdom, you will be asked to choose your flavor. So apparently — at Walt Disney World at least — pineapple does not define a Dole whip. So it can only be the other choice: soft serve ice cream.

Except — what’s so special about soft serve ice cream, really? And we probably shouldn’t ignore the fact that… well… a Dole whip isn’t ice cream at all. The company that sells the Dole whip mix, Precision Foods, defines the product as ‘a lactose free dry mix that is reconstituted with tap water and frozen down in a soft serve machine.’ So soft serve? Yes. Ice cream? No.

So despite the process of elimination pointing very meekly at pineapple as the probable answer, the truth is, the answer is whatever the person who made up the question wants it to be and that is one answer we may never find out.

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