Sneak Peek: Dick Van Dyke Guests on ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’

Dick Van Dyke records for guest appearance on 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (DISNEY JUNIOR/TODD WAWRYCHUK)Disney legend Dick Van Dyke recently recorded his guest appearance for an upcoming episode of Disney Junior’s ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.’ Van Dyke will be playing the role of Goofy’s long-long Grandpappy, Captain Goof Beard.

‘Anytime it’s Disney, I’m ready — I always show up,’ Van Dyke said. ‘I’ve worked with Donald once and I think I’ve worked with the seven dwarfs at one point down at Disneyland, but this is the first time I’ve ever worked with Goofy and I’m playing — of course — his grandfather. I’m a pirate. Nobody ever knew Goofy’s grandfather was a pirate before. They did tell me I was gonna have to sing, but I don’t have to sound like Goofy. ‘Cuz I said that I can’t do.’

Disney Junior has provided us with this behind-the-scenes photo of Dick Van Dyke recording his role as Captain Goof-Beard as well as this b-roll footage of Van Dyke reading lines as well as providing a sneak peek at what Captain Goof-Beard will look like.

No air date for the episode of ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ has been announced.

Tonight, Van Dyke will present his former co-star Mary Tyler Moore with the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award which will be broadcast live on TNT and TBS beginning at 8 pm ET. On presenting her with the award, Van Dyke notes ‘she picked me to give it to her. If she hadn’t, I would have never forgiven her (laughs). But I read it in the papers that she was gonna get the award and I thought of course I’m gonna do it, but then the phone didn’t ring for a couple of weeks and I said you know I’ve been hanging on the edge of a cliff here.. (laughs) waiting? I thought, who you gonna get, Ed Asner? So no, I’m really looking forward to the thrill of giving her that.’

Photo by Todd Wawrychuk. Photo and video © and courtesy Disney Junior. All Rights Reserved.

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