Disney’s New ‘Digital Copy Plus’ One Step Closer to ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’

Disney Digital Copy Plus Provider ChartWith the home video release of Oz the Great and Powerful on June 11, 2013, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will be launching a new service, ‘Digital Copy Plus.’ Taking a cue from the Disney Movies Anywhere initiative, in which consumers will be able to purchase a film and stream it across multiple devices, the Digital Copy Plus replaces the digital copy disc previously offered and transfers it into the cloud, so consumers can choose how and where the digital copy is stored/accessed from.

The way it works is relatively simple: consumers will take the Digital Copy Plus code included in their purchase and enter it into the DigitalCopyPlus.com website. They will then choose a cloud provider: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video or Vudu, each with their own offerings on multi-device playback via download and streaming, including access via Roku devices. This means at launch (and depending on chosen provider), Disney films will be available on televisions, iOS devices, Roku, Android tablets, Kindle Fire, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs and even — ironically enough — BD players that offer access to these providers.

The service is not just limited to Disney releases, however. It will apply to all of Disney’s studios including Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone and even DreamWorks, which Disney currently has a distribution agreement with.

At launch, it appears the service will be available only to consumers in the United States and Canada, with Canadian access limited to the iTunes service.

It’s still a far cry from the promised Disney Movies Anywhere service, but it certainly seems a step in the right direction, especially for the company which can now trade off manufacturing and supporting additional discs and materials for leveraging existing services from third party providers.

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4 thoughts on “Disney’s New ‘Digital Copy Plus’ One Step Closer to ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’

  1. The digital copy market has changed and it is encouraging to see Disney studios respond.

    Vudu is a great alternative to iTunes. They are apart of the vast DECE (digital entertainment content ecosystem) which every other major studio has adopted partnership with. We who are ultraviolet enthusiast had been waiting for Disney studios to respond to the changing market conditions.

    Sadly, Disney studios has stopped short of joining DECE.

    This decision is ironically hurtful.

    On one hand, it is encouraging to see a change.

    On the other hand, Disney Studios having “Punted” the Ultraviolet decision means we are again on perpetual hold to have them, the last major studio holdout, to become a member of the Ultraviolet digital locker system.

    Every other major studio has joined. Only Disney studios is absent. I just do not understand why this is such a difficult decision to make.

  2. Initially, many people me think that being able to redeem a digital copy of Disney movies on Vudu is good news, and it is for VUDU. I guess it can be seen as Disney taking a small step in the right direction. However, consumers really should hold out as much as possible for Disney to join UV. Keep your money in your pocket until they start releasing new titles + UV and start talking about allowing D2D on their older titles.

    Think about how many new Disney releases you purchase in a year compared to the number of Disney DVDs you already have sitting on your shelf. We probably only buy about 2 new Disney movies a year, but we have about 120 DVDs sitting on the shelf. So Disc-2-Digital is really what most people want from Disney the most.

    Sure, we want new releases to be UV also. But having a digital copy that is redeemable on VUDU only falls short of having a UV copy in your digital locker that you can watch from any service, even when VUDU is unavailable.

    Disney is not going to sell me a second copy of a movie that I already own just so we have the ability to watch their movies in the cloud.

  3. But I want one code to be redeemable on all three services…what happens when one of the three is unavailable and that happens to be the one I chose?

    By the way, we don’t want Disney to join UV, UV in general is a terrible system, although it is improving, it has a LONG way to go. So far, iTunes still seems to be the best.

  4. “By the way, we don’t want Disney to join UV, UV in general is a terrible system, although it is improving, it has a LONG way to go. So far, iTunes still seems to be the best.”

    I couldn’t disagree more. I have given up the majority of my physical collection and invested in UV/VUDU exclusively. Having apps on PS3, Roku, Xbox and other devices allow me to watch anything on my TV while having the ability to download to a portable device as well. With iTunes I have to buy an apple TV and invest in the Apple ecosystem to enjoy my movies on my TV. UV is the best option for some people.

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