Disney App Lets Users Control ‘Brave’ Flash Game with iOS Device

Brave Utility for Ultimate Target ChallengeYou may not be able to watch and play Flash content on your Apple iPhone and iPad devices, but thanks to an innovative app from Disney, you can now use your iDevice to control one. The free app, titled Brave Utility, allows players to use the amenities of their Apple iOS device to play a game on Disney’s website that runs on a desktop browser, effectively replacing the mouse.

The game, titled Disney/Pixar’s Brave Ultimate Target Challenge allows the player to virtually shoot arrows at targets, racking up as many points as possible within the allotted time period. The player first chooses their character from the film, each with their own respective stats, then takes the field, selecting one of several different types of arrows to shoot at the targets. Each type of arrow has its own properties and the number of each type of arrow is in limited supply.

While the game can use the mouse to aim and shoot the arrows (and quite well at that), Brave Utility allows players to use the accelerometer to aim and swipe to choose arrows and subsequently shoot them.

An ingenious idea and noble effort to be sure, but certainly not without its challenges. When launching the app (which is designed for iPhone, but works just as well at x2 on the iPad), the player is prompted to enter a code that’s provided by the web game. Unfortunately it took me embarassingly too long to realize that the reason why I could not see a code was because the web app uses ports 843 and 9700 and they were being blocked by my computer’s firewall. Once I temporarily disabled the firewall, however, the app worked as expected. At least up until that point.

The app, using a WiFi connection, seemed amazingly in sync with the Flash game on my PC, but as soon as I would go to fire an arrow, the app would go automatically into pause mode with no way to escape out of it. Unfortunately there was nothing to do until the round ended, leaving me with 0 points. After several attempts, however, I was able to actually play the game using the iPad, only to find the aiming via accelerometer slow and clumsy at best.

The few reviews that have been posted for the app on iTunes seem to have had more successes with it than I, so it’s probably worth trying out and surely your mileage may vary.

For more information on Brave Utility, visit the App Store.

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