Disney Cruise Line’s ‘Disney Dream’ Leaks Details on New Theatrical Production

Not much is known at this time about the new production being created by Disney Creative Entertainment for the Disney Dream as she preps to set sail in early in 2011, the least of which is the title (still ‘To Be Determined’), but what we do know is some of the creative force behind it: Off-Broadway director Gordon Greenberg, Peter Pan choreographer Patti Colombo and writer Kirsten Childs of The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin.

We also know a couple of the roles which are actively being cast:

Dr Cornelius T. Greenaway – mid-30’s and older, male actor/principal vocalist of African-heritage.  Bass/baritone with strong comic ability and warmth.  The prototypical dad, he loves his daughter but is consumed by his work as a scientific botanist.

Sophia Greenaway – young 20’s, female actress/principal vocalist of African-heritage. Strong soprano/mix.  Dr. Greenaway’s young daughter with a positive spirit, upbeat energy and lovely air about her.  She loves her dad very much.

With a botanist named Green-away, however, we may be getting some insight into the apparently environmentalitish plot.

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