Disney Cruise Line’s Dream Ship Introduces Virtual Portholes, Interactive Characters, Water Coaster & More

In tandem with the press conference Disney is holding in New York City surrounding the new Disney Dream and its innovations, USA Today has been releasing additional information, photos and (soon) videos of the individual experiences.

First up is the 765 foot long AquaDuck, billed as the world’s first water coaster. Using the same type of technology employed in the theme parks, guests will ride an inflatable raft through a clear acrylic tube that rises four stories above the top deck and even features a loop that takes guests off the ship, 150 feet above the water. At one point, the AquaDuck riders even pass through one of the children’s areas, but that may be all the kids can do as the ride is so intense, it will have a height requirement.

Check out this CG video which gives a first look at the AquaDuck and the Disney Dream itself:

Next up on the innovation list, virtual portholes for those with an inside cabin. Using a network of high-definition cameras placed around the ship, guests staying in an inside cabin will get a virtual look at the exact same view nearby outside cabins have. In addition, guests may encounter surprise visits from a Disney character such as Peach from Finding Nemo who will appear as though they are clinging on to the porthole themselves.

Other innovations include bringing the popular theme park attraction Turtle Talk with Crush to the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club as well as other interactive guests such as Stitch. The ship will also feature interactive, animated works of art by way of LCD monitors equipped with proximity sensors that can tell when a guest has approached them.

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