Disney DVD Roundup for March 31, 2009 – Hannah Montana, Handy Manny, Baby Einstein & More

Here’s a look at some DVDs set to hit the shelves Tuesday, March 31.

Hannah Montana: Keeping it Real DVD HANNAH MONTANA: KEEPING IT REAL

Five episodes from the smash-hit Disney Channel Original Series are on DVD for the first time ever, including the bonus episode “Ready, Set, Don’t Drive.” Hannah Montana: Keeping it Real also features guest stars like Corbin Bleu and Dwayne Johnson, as well as an exclusive Bonus Feature takes you behind the scenes for “Miley’s Makeover: Hannah Gets A New Look.” Country gal Miley Stewart tries to keep it real while the “other side” of her — everyone’s favorite pop sensation, Hannah Montana — leads a totally glamorous life with stylin’ clothes, famous pals and awesome celebrity perks. While she’s thinking about using her secret Hannah identity to build her Hollywood career, get her driver’s license and win the hearts of the cutest boys like hottie Johnny Collins (Corbin Bleu), Miley manages to land herself in the spotlight and in hilarious situations again and again! But through it all, she learns that what’s most important is to be yourself — whoever you are!



Introducing babies to sites and sounds of the world, the award-winning Baby Einstein Company reaches beyond classical music to explore global cultures with the launch of World Music . From banging a drum to shaking a maraca, little ones now have the opportunity to discover the different cultures of the world through the universal language of music. Featuring world music from all seven continents, World Music takes babies on a captivating journey and introduces them to the world’s colorful sights and sounds with the fun-loving puppet host, Jane the Monkey, and her toy drum as she travels across the globe to play music with her puppet friends.

World Music exposes little ones to visually and acoustically diverse cultural experiences specially created for a baby’s eyes and ears. Featuring real-world images of cultures expressing themselves through dance, global musical instruments, regional toys and animals, World Music takes an extraordinary look at music and encourages viewers to join in the fun by blowing on a flute, shaking a maraca and singing along to songs from all seven continents.


World Music will also be the first title in the Baby Einstein line to unveil two groundbreaking ways to customize parents and babies’ experience with Baby Einstein DVDs: “Grow With Me” and “Select-A-Segment.” The new “Grow With Me” feature offers a second viewing mode containing spoken words and additional content that grows with your baby. The “Select-A-Segment” option gives parents the choice of viewing shorter segments of the DVD to customize the viewing experience.


Kids across America will be rockin’ out while learning about the environment when Schoolhouse Rock! Earth comes to DVD on March 31, 2009. Schoolhouse Rock educated a generation of kids about grammar, math, science, economics and history, winning four Emmy® Awards in the process. Now, the creators of the original series have created all-new songs for today’s kids. Schoolhouse Rock! Earth introduces lots of new fun characters and also brings back several iconic characters including Interplanet Janet and Mr. Morton for a 21st Century take on the classic Saturday morning TV series. Perfectly timed for Earth Day (April 22) 2009, the DVD features eleven original songs and contemporary animation.

Kids will love learning about global warming from a polar bear’s point of view, carbon footprints from an animated Sasquatch, the importance of tropical rain forests, the benefits of solar and wind power and other important “green” concepts in this entertaining collection of planet-friendly songs.

Schoolhouse Rock! Earth all-new original songs include:
• Report from the North Pole
• The Little Things We Do
• The Trash Can Band
• You Oughta Be Savin’ Water
• The Rainforest
• Save the Ocean
• FatCat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song
• A Tiny Urban Zoo
• Solar Power to the People
• Windy and the Windmills
• Don’t Be a Carbon Sasquatch
• And more!


During Spring 2009, Disney Channel will premiere the new music video for the first-ever Schoolhouse Rock tune, “Three is A Magic Number.” This updated version of the iconic song, now called “The 3 R’s” will be recorded by Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb) and will feature a sneak peek of clips from Schoolhouse Rock! Earth.

Plus, as a special bonus, Schoolhouse Rock! Earth features the DVD premiere of the digitally remastered School House Rock classic song “ The Energy Blues”!


Are YOU ready to Go Green with Manny? Manny and his gang of talking tools want to help save the earth and you can help in Handy Manny: Manny’s Green Team, new on Disney DVD on March 31, 2009.

Team up with your favorite handyman and his group of boisterous tools to learn about conserving and preserving the earth’s valuable resources. Manny and the gang need YOUR help to complete all their green tasks as they restore cool air for the science fair, protect an endangered nest of baby turtles and harness the power of the sun with a solar-powered motorized sign! With a never-before-seen episode and eco-friendly bonus material including a fun family printable check list to help you turn your home green, plus a fun recycling game- “Livin’ La Vida Verde”, Manny’s Green Team is the best way to inspire the whole family to pitch in, roll up their sleeves and “go green!”

In never-before-seen episode Saving Turtles, Manny and the gang take in some beautiful natural scenery and protect a nest of endangered baby turtles. Working together on the shores of Manny’s favorite lake, the gang proves that looking after the natural world is easy when you work as a team.

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