Disney Family.com Launches GETHATCHED.COM with Teri Hatcher

Disney Family.com and award winning actress Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”) announced today a new joint Web project, GetHatched.com “A Chick’s Guide to Life.” The new site, which will launch in May, will be produced by Disney Family.com, with creative and editorial content and insight provided by Ms. Hatcher and a team of experts. The joint effort will create a fun, inspirational and unique web destination that features a variety of topics and solutions for the needs of all women.

“I am very excited to partner with Disney Family.com (which is already the top site for moms*) to launch, in the spring, a new destination for women that will be innovative and empowering and provide, with humor, insight and vulnerability, solutions to the needs and obligations of today’s modern women” stated Ms. Hatcher.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Teri to bring her unique twist on life to other women through GetHatched.com” stated Emily Smith, vice president of Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio. “The site will offer a place for women to be entertained, connect with others who face the same daily challenges and become inspired along the way.”

“Our goal with this site is to offer women a different take on everyday topics and needs, and we feel that Teri’s candid and humorous point of view is a perfect fit,” stated Paul Yanover, executive vice president and managing director, Disney Online. “We look forward to bringing women from all walks of life together on GetHatched.com.

Ms. Hatcher will contribute original content to the site, which will feature articles, blogs, original videos series, and advice from her team of experts on everything pertaining to the demands on a woman 24/7.

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