Disney Fine Art Presents Limited Edition Courvoisier Miniatures Featuring Classic Disney Art

'A Smile and a Song' featuring Snow White from Courvoisier MiniaturesImagine going back in time to historic Courvoisier Galleries® and adding a cel from Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Fantasia to your collection. It would be a dream come true, right?

Impossible? Not any more!

“Today we’re making every animation art collector’s Courvoisier dreams come true,” said Michael Young, President of Collectors Editions, publisher of Disney Fine Art and exclusive global distributor for Courvoisier Miniatures. “I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Courvoisier Miniatures©, an important and unique line of Disney vintage-style animation art.”

In 1937, Courvoisier Galleries introduced original Disney animation art to the world and — for ten years — sold the brilliant pieces that today form the cornerstone of virtually every collection of vintage Disney art.

“The idea behind the new Courvoisier Miniatures program was to turn back the clock and rekindle the Disney flame of those bygone times and bring the techniques that personified Disney art in 1937 to a whole new generation,” said David Pacheco, Disney Master Artist and art director for the program. “It has been more than 60 years since Disney produced artwork like Courvoisier Miniatures. Now Disney art devotees and collectors can not only acquire real handmade Disney fine art, but acquire it at an affordable price as well.”

“This unique and exciting program of re-creating Disney art using original vintage materials and techniques was 15 years in the making”, said Ron Stark, Director of S/R Laboratories Animation Art Conservation Center in Westlake Village, California, where all Courvoisier Miniatures are made by Disney-trained master animation artists, decorated, and framed. “All the old methods and formulas now live at S/R Labs. Even our pen points are 50 years old, and are the same used to create the brilliant Disney art decades ago.”

The Disney Ink & Paint Department has long since ceased producing animation cels completely by hand, and even using the old formulas would be impossible as the Studio dismantled their old paint lab decades prior. “We have been caring for and restoring Courvoisier artwork since 1976,” Stark said. “I thought, what if we could create Disney artwork using all of the old magic, every bit of it, to bring back the special brilliance it had? Some years ago I went to the late Roy E. Disney and told him my idea. His response: If I could do what I’d described to him he would be thrilled. Somehow, I think he is.

What I explained to Roy that day is exactly what we’re finally doing now—bringing real Disney art to a whole new generation.”

The only animation art conservation center in the world, S/R Labs has been making Disney inks and paints for more than 30 years. “Our paint library features over 15,000 different colors and hues,” said Amelia Dodge, S/R Lab manager, “and our ImagiColor© paint system covers every Disney film era from the very beginning to the present day. To be honest, there isn’t anything Disney we haven’t been able to
do!” S/R Labs acquired the Courvoisier Galleries name in 1997, making it the home of Courvoisier as well and bringing all the history back full circle.

Courvoisier Miniatures introduced its premier release, “A Smile and A Song,” featuring Disney’s first princess Snow White accompanied by two inquisitive chipmunks, at Disney’s D23 Expo last September andpresented “Winter Magic” in December in which two delicate Frost Fairies from Disney’s Fantasia skim gracefully across a frozen lake.

'Winter Magic' from Courvoisier Miniatures“The galleries selected to represent Courvoisier Miniatures had to meet a strict set of guidelines in order to earn the opportunity to represent and sell this historically important, unique line of art,” said Noka Aldoroty, Director of Disney Fine Art at Collectors Editions. Courvoisier Miniatures are available exclusively through only 10 selected galleries and partners world-wide: seven in the United States and three internationally.

Courvoisier Miniatures are hand inked and painted and embellished with original style special effects in the tradition of the finest Disney eras of handmade art. Airbrushed enhancements, such as delicate shadows and glittering frost, are applied individually to each cel with Paasche´ airbrushes, as they were originally. Paasche´ made the fine airbrushes used in the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 and is one of the many proud sponsors of Courvoisier Miniatures today.

Each Courvoisier Miniature is produced in extremely limited numbers and each Courvoisier Miniature is produced in extremely limited numbers and is 6.75” x 8.5” in size or one quarter of a standard 16-field animation cel. “This diminutive size not only gives the images a special charm and appeal, but keeps the frame sizes reasonable as well,” explains Dan Sutton, manager of framing services and Certified Picture Framer at S/R Labs. “Each Courvoisier Miniature features S/R Signature Framing©, meeting the highest framing standards recognized by the Professional Picture Framers Association. This is the first time a line of art has won endorsement from PPFA.

Utilizing only the finest conservation-grade materials and craftsmanship to preserve and display the art, Courvoisier Miniatures are framed using Neilsen-Bainbridge ArtCare® acid-buffered mats, the same materials used in the United States Library of Congress to protect our national documents. Nurre-Caxton’s eco-friendly line of frame moulding is used to enclose the art and Cyro’s Acrylite® OP-3 acrylic glazing, filtering out 99.9% of all ultra-violet energy that strikes the surface of the art, is used to protect every Courvoisier Miniature.

For a list of authorized galleries featuring Courvoisier Miniatures or to see them for yourself and discover real Disney Fine Art, please visit www.disneyfineart.com or www.courvoisiergalleries.com. You may also receive up program updates and information by becoming a fan of “Disney Fine Art” on Facebook and following @Disney_Fine_Art on Twitter.

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