Disney Launches ‘Star Wars’ Replica Program with Limited Edition Vader’s Melted Helmet, More

Vader's Helmet from Prop Shop Studio EditionsA few months ago, we discussed several new 3D printing patent applications from Disney and today we are seeing the first fruits of their labors, all in the name of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Star Wars Ultimate Studio Edition has launched with several introductory 3D printed props celebrating key elements from the latest film, including two very limited edition items: Vader’s melted helmet (LE 500, $3500) and Finn’s bloodied stormtrooper helmet (LE 500, $1750). Other items include: Kylo Ren’s helmet ($2,000); Poe Dameron’s X-Wing helmet ($1,500); Chewbacca’s Bowcaster ($2,500); Kylo Ren’s lightsaber ($1,250); Rey’s lightsaber ($1,250); and Rey’s staff ($1,250).

Created using highly detailed 3D scans of the original props, these collectibles take advantage of Disney’s own technology in which a unique RFID chip is embedded into the 3D printed replica, so it can be scanned and validated against the certificate of authority (a medallion is also included).

Disney released two videos celebrating the launch, one being an announcement, the other a detailed behind the scenes video about how the props are created:

For more information or to order, be sure to visit the official site at starwarsultimatestudioedition.org.

But don’t think for a second, Disney has let it go with just the live action films. Other recently registered domain names that follow suit include: carsultimatestudioedition.com, disneyprincessultimatestudioedition.com, pixarultimatestudioedition.com, toystoryultimatestudioedition.com and — of course — disneyfrozenultimatestudioedition.com.

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