Disney Mobile Releases Premium ‘TRON: Legacy’ App for iPhone; Includes Global Contest

TRON: Legacy premium app from Disney MobileDisney Mobile announced today its new TRON: Legacy mobile game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the App Store. Available for 99 cents, the new app brings the world of TRON to life in a series of competitions through 24 rounds with visually stunning graphics developed to maximize the Retina Display on iPhone 4 and iPod touch as well as the large high-resolution display of iPad. The launch coincides with the Disney motion picture release of TRON: Legacy on December 17.

The game also features a TRON Mobile GRID Championship which will debut on Dec. 25 allowing players to compete for prizes, including the 3D HDTV Entertainment System, TRON Audio Dock from Monster and TRON: Evolution—The Video Game.

“Since launching the free TRON app at Comic-Con back in July, we have been building up to this week and keeping fans engaged with all things TRON, every step of the way,” said Stephen Saiz, director of marketing, Disney Mobile. “We’re extremely proud of the new, premium app, TRON: Legacy, and think it builds on all of the excitement around the film as it hits theaters.”

In the TRON: Legacy mobile game, players race the latest generation of 3D Light Cycles and fire cannons from the cockpit of massive Recognizers as they earn points and qualify for new contests and unlock new arenas. With a choice of 16 different courses, players have the option to compete in standard races or timed trials as well as the ability to compete head-to-head in high velocity 3D Light Cycle races. Inspired by the film, game controls allow racers to steer, block opponents, fire cannons from the cockpit of massive Recognizers and deploy power ups like Shield Breaker, Arc and Cloak—all in the quest to become the ultimate Grid Game Champion.

Also timed with the release of Walt Disney Pictures’ film TRON: Legacy on December 17, Disney Mobile has updated its free TRON app with an Apple iPod/iPhone Visualizer and Alarm Clock application that works exclusively with Disney Consumer Product’s new TRON Audio Dock from Monster. The app is a totally immersive iPod/iPhone music player with Visualizer Graphics effects that engages the alarm clock with the dock’s “Identity Disc” lighting rings for an attractive “wake-up” effect.

Tapulous, a part of Disney Mobile, also features music from the film in its most popular game, Tap Tap Revenge 3, where users can download for free and tap along to Daft Punk’s single, “Derezzed.”

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