Disney at the Movies: Ant-Man Marches Forward, Mater Goes Away, DW Goes to Town, ‘Secretariat’ Renamed?

The Disney domain elves were hard at work yesterday, registering every possible combination involving the words ‘the movie.’ Many appear to be titles that Disney will distribute for DreamWorks, but others are literally screaming out future (or current) Disney projects.

Alphabetically speaking, ANT-MAN-THEMOVIE.COM comes first.  Immediately rumored to have been the first Pixar project since the acquisition, Stan Lee mentioned last month on his twitter that Marvel was moving forward with the project which had been in the works for some time.

Also it appears Tow Mater is having some thoughts about exploring the final frontier. Lunar Mater (LUNARMATER.COM), Moon Mater (MOONMATER.COM) and Right Stuff Mater (RIGHTSTUFFMATER.COM) have all been registered. We also have Mater PI (MATERPI.COM) and Investigator Mater (INVESTIGATORMATER.COM) so it appears some new Cars Toons may be on the way.

On the DreamWorks front, Disney has registered domain names for upcoming DreamWorks films: Eat, Sleep, Poop (EATSLEEPPOOPMOVIE.COM), Escape Artist (ESCAPEARTIST-MOVIE.COM), Good Looking (GOODLOOKING-THEMOVIE.COM), I Saw You (ISAWYOU-THEMOVIE.COM), Nonstop (NONSTOP-MOVIE.COM), Robopocalypse (ROBOPOCALYPSE-MOVIE.COM), War Horse (WARHORSE-MOVIE.COM) and Wife vs. Ninja (WIFEVSNINJAMOVIE.COM).

But that’s not all! There are several that could not easily be identified as either Disney or DreamWorks projects (so if you know, please tell us!). They include: A True Story (ATRUESTORY-MOVIE.COM and ATRUESTORY-THEMOVIE.COM), CA Rancho Film (CARANCHOFILM.COM), Classy Lady (CLASSYLADYMOVIE.COM), Denver International Airport (DENVERINTERNATIONALAIRPORTMOVIE.COM), Genneris (GENNERIS.COM and GENNERISMOVIE.COM), Home Movies (HOMEMOVIES-THEMOVIE.COM), Me Harmony (MEHARMONYMOVIE.COM), Ra (RA-MOVIE.COM).

My fingers want me to type that’s all, but it’s not. There are some remaining unidentifyable titles that might actually be new titles for upcoming Disney releases. Last year, Disneynature announced it would distribute Jean-Michel Cousteau’s OceanWorld 3D, not to be confused with its upcoming Earth Day release Oceans. Perhaps they have opted to rename it in North America instead calling it Odyssea 3D (ODYSSEA3D.COM and ODYSSEA3DMOVIE.COM).

And lastly, since they’ve just done it with Rapunzel, it appears that Walt Disney Studios might be seeking a more moviegoer friendly title for Secretariat than Secretariat as it has registered names for both Taking the Crown (TAKINGTHECROWN.COM and TAKINGTHECROWNMOVIE.COM) and Triple Crown (TRIPLECROWNMOVIE.COM). I’m also now moving When the Trumpets Sound (WHENTHETRUMPETSSOUND.COM and WHENTHETRUMPETSSOUND-THEMOVIE.COM) into this category because it appears to be a good allusion to the trumpet call that’s made prior to a horse race. Likewise, Great Lengths (GREATLENGTHSMOVIE.COM) could easily be applied as a replacement title.

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9 thoughts on “Disney at the Movies: Ant-Man Marches Forward, Mater Goes Away, DW Goes to Town, ‘Secretariat’ Renamed?

  1. Today's issue was terrific and so is the “Alice Hat Sweepstakes”- thanks for making everything so magical in our homes via your e-MagicMails! “Princess & the Frog Blu-Ray” release next week honors our beautiful city of New Orleans and the Bayou. check it out.Proud to call it home.

  2. Disney is considering changing the title of the movie ?!??!! PLEASE don’t do this ! Secretariat’s name should be the title ! He deserves it. EVERYONE KNOWS the legend of SECRETARIAT. By merely having his name in the title it will COMPEL people to go see the film !!!! Just as Universal did with SEABISCUIT. Of course there is a back story with multiple characters, but remember…without the HORSE you have NOTHING. You just can’t do it. It’s a bad decision on MULTIPLE levels: Business, Popularity, ect. Taking the Crown !?!?!?!? Are you KIDDING ?!

    If you MUST rename the film, how about “31 Lengths” for a title? Give it something cryptic to again, compel people to want to know what it is and go see it.

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