Disney Online Launches ‘The Possibility Shop,’ Web Site Featuring Original Web Series from The Jim Henson Company and Sponsored Exclusively by The Clorox Company

The Possibility Shop from Jim Henson Studios, Disney and CloroxNORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Disney Online, part of the Disney Interactive Media Group, launched a new Web site featuring an original video series from The Jim Henson Company called “The Possibility Shop” (www.FamilyFun.com/PossibilityShop). The site, which can be accessed through Disney.com or FamilyFun.com, also features an array of ideas for family-friendly art projects and activities and will update every two weeks with new seasonal or holiday-based content. “The Possibility Shop” is exclusively sponsored by The Clorox Company for its Clorox2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster, Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes and toilet-cleaning products.

The new site appeals to a broad family audience, tapping into the content and audience reach of both Disney.com and FamilyFun.com. The site will offer a variety of unique themes including Thanksgiving, the holidays, winter activities, party planning, big game day (sports), Valentine’s Day, pets, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Spring, Earth Day and Mother’s Day, among others.

“This is a great example of how Disney Online can create original content that uniquely appeals to families, and particularly moms,” stated Paul Yanover, executive vice president and managing director, Disney Online. “’The Possibility Shop’ places high-quality original video in an immersive online environment filled with art projects and activities as well as ideas for families to take the fun offline to find their own adventures.”

“’The Possibility Shop’ fulfills a lifelong goal I’ve had of empowering families to embrace daily opportunities to be creative and to boost their confidence that they can make something wonderful together,” said Courtney Watkins.

Brimming with a zillion things to discover, ponder, decorate, create, play, imagine, investigate and giggle about, “The Possibility Shop” is an extraordinary new Web site. Families everywhere will get in on the fun by joining host and store proprietor Courtney Watkins as she teaches and demonstrates how to turn ordinary afternoons into extraordinary creative adventures for the whole family.

Artist, author, actress, teacher, mom, TV personality and creative guru, Courtney Watkins is at the center of “The Possibility Shop.” Courtney faces creative challenges, introduces new ideas, demonstrates how-to-techniques, seeks answers to befuddling questions and all the while unearths the “Aha!” moments hidden in a child’s every day. Revealing creative ideas for art, games, conversations, experiments, inventions, decorations and explorations, Courtney energizes viewers to pursue limitless fun, on-your-own, at-home activities.

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