Disney Online’s Pixie Hollow Announces Animal Friends for Member Fairies (Video)

There’s a hush in Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world this month as the new Animal Friends are fluttering about in the meadows. Every baby Animal Friend needs a Fairy to help them grow. From fireflies and ladybugs to hummingbirds and dragonflies, there’s a baby animal perfect for every Fairy.

Fairies have the chance to choose their very own baby animal, give it a special name and care for it when it’s sick. Each Animal Friend species has a different food they like to eat and a unique game they like to play, and they all love to learn new tricks as they grow older. To make animal friends happy, Fairies must play their favorite games!  Bounce a hummingbird into the air to teach them how to fly, race with a fast-flying dragonfly, play a memory game with a firefly, or even play hide-and-seek with a ladybug friend. Whether a Fairy chooses a ladybug or a firefly, the experience will always be critterific!

As players continue to care for their Animal Friend, it will grow from a hatchling to a full grown Animal Helper.  When Animal Friends are full grown, Fairies release them so they can fly on their own. Players can then fly over to Beck’s Animal Nursery and choose another Animal Friend to help. Fairies earn badges to showcase in their Leaf Journal by helping Animal Friends!

Check out the trailer below!

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