Disney Parks App Brings ‘Magic, Memories and You’ Home

DisneyMemoriesShow.comThose who have had the privilege of witnessing the technical marvel that is ‘The Magic, The Memories and You’ at either the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resorts know what a spectacular it truly is. Thus it must have been a daunting thought to some when someone suggested bringing some of that magic online to everyone in a way that’s spectacular in its own right. Somebody thought of that and someone believed it and DisneyMemoriesShow.com is the end result.

Using real footage of an articulated (and hatless) Goofy, the Facebook App takes the online guest’s photos from their Facebook albums and — mixing them with some stock photos — present them in a way that’s virtually guaranteed to induce a gasp, drop a jaw, bring a smile or any combination thereof. The presentation caps off with a miniature version of ‘The Magic, The Memories and You,’ customized to the online guest.

For those fortunate enough to be able to see the show in person this holiday season at the Magic Kingdom, they will be gifted with an all new holiday segment which features Cinderella Castle wrapped in colorful bows and boughs, gift paper and ribbons, ornaments, candy stripes and multi-colored strands of lights, not to mention gingerbread.

Goofy's Gift ExchangeGoofy is also at the heart of another Facebook app from the Disneyland Resort, this one titled Goofy’s Gift Exchange (goofysgiftexchange.com). Combining the Facebook staple of gifts and the holiday season, this clever app lets you appropriate Disney-themed gifts to your Facebook friends. The first step is to choose one of the Fab Five to assist you, then select your friends (if you have a large list, don’t fret! You can start typing the recipients names in a box and it will search/match for you). After you’ve selected your recipient(s), visit their virtual homes and choose a virtual Disney gift. There’s also a Goofy wheel option which leaves it all to chance, including special Goofy treats (itchy sweater, anyone?). Give and receive gifts often and you’ll eventually unlock other items in your collection. Disneyland will also occasionally provide codes on their Facebook page that will give you new items to decorate your virtual home.

DPBLOG11 – Mickey lights

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