Disney Parks Debuts Florida Television Commercial for ‘Summer Nightastic’ – But for Which Resort?

Disney Parks has just offered up this television spot for the Summer Nightastic promotion kicking off at the Walt Disney World resort on June 6. The ad does in fact use the theme we introduced you to back in early May, but the video footage used in the commercials appears to be exclusively attractions from Disneyland (note the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster guns that can be held, the Mad Tea Party, the new dragon in Disneyland’s Fantasmic! and, I suppose, the Hollywood Backlot sign from California Advenure, amongst others).

This isn’t of course the first time Disneyland footage has been snuck into promotional material for Walt Disney World, but this has to be a rarity, if not a first, that the Disneyland Resort is almost exclusively being used to promote its sister resort.

Update: It appears that Disney Parks has taken this commercial offline for reasons unknown, although the video did garner pages of comments wondering why footage of other Disney Resorts were being used to promote Walt Disney World. On a related note, Disney Parks is running a commercial featuring Alice in Wonderland characters promoting the free Disney Dining Plan promotion at Walt Disney World. After noticing that the combination of Dumbo and Cinderella Castle and the family dining outside was hard to visualize in my own mind, it became hard to miss that the Mad Tea Party (with the family riding it) from Disneyland is also featured. Not only are the two locations’ versions of the attractions very visibly different, but pausing the commercial in the right spot clearly shows the mushroom structure by the Alice in Wonderland attraction which once served as a ticket booth.

Update #2: The ad has been re-uploaded and the post updated to reflect the new URL.

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2 thoughts on “Disney Parks Debuts Florida Television Commercial for ‘Summer Nightastic’ – But for Which Resort?

  1. Obviously the castle is from Walt Disney World, although it theoretically could be form Tokyo Disneyland. The Astro Orbiter or the Orbitron is from Hong Kong Disneyland too.

  2. Disneyland commercials have featured imagery from the Florida parks for years. What's worse are the digitally enhanced images that create impossible views and juxtapositions of attractions.

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