Disney Parks ‘InsidEARS’ Website Now Live as Beta Site

Disney Parks InsidEARSFor several months — over a year in fact — we have been talking about a new Disney Parks and Resorts program titled the ‘Disney Parks InsidEARS.’ Although the anticipation has been high, a recent announcement on the official Disney Parks blog did hint at a name change for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, a possibility we did speculate on in the first article.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have discovered that the official ‘Disney Parks InsidEARS’ website has gone live. Currently there appears to be no movement on the Facebook and Twitter accounts (assuming they are even legitimate), although the InsidEARS website does mention them as specific locations one could find an InsidEAR.

Which leads us to wonder what makes a Disney Parks InsidEAR. The program is currently by invitation only and presumably the initial group of invites will go to existing Walt Disney World Moms Panels, along with a few other bloggers and contributors that the Disney Parks public relations team deems fit. The site explains ‘with so many places to turn, we know finding answers to your individual questions is sometimes as tough as finding a Hidden Mickey’ so it is an official one-stop location to find answers from ‘enthusiasts who may be willing to share their opinions regarding the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.’

In order to qualify, potential InsidEARS must first be invited (whether this will change or not in the future is unknown, but the site makes it clear that initially it will be the case) and pass either a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort quiz (but not both). There are also supplemental specialty quizzes, for which an InsidEAR will be awarded a virtual ‘specialty pin’ for their online profile. Once they are logged into the Disney Parks InsidEARS website, InsidEARS will be able to chat online with fellow members of their respective resort.

The program is open to legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico or the United Kingdom, 18 years or older. Current and former Cast Members (since June 2010) and their immediate families are ineligible as are any one who works or worked at a travel agency promoting Disney vacations.

The Disney Parks InsidEARS website can now be found online at http://www.insidears.com

UPDATE #1: 1/18/12 – A source has advised us that the Disney Parks InsidEARS will actually be a new version of the ‘Mickey Moms Club,’ the elite core of applicants to the Walt Disney World Moms Panel who didn’t make the cut. It was indicated that although the program may open to every one eventually, MMC members will have the first opportunity.

UPDATE #2: 1/20/12 – The official Facebook page notes that not all initial invitees (1,000 total) came from the Mickey Moms Club pool. Indeed, we have confirmed with several bloggers that they were invited to join (not surprisingly, we were not among those selected).

UPDATE #3: 1/21/12 – After several technical issues with those invited being unable to sign up, the issues appear to be resolved. The home page has been disabled as the site continues to find its footing, but is otherwise operational. You can access the site through other links such as this one.

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