Disney Parks Gives Power Rangers the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Slips

Green RPM Power Ranger at Disney's Hollywood Studios. © Stitch KingdomA brief update on the fate of the Power Rangers meet & greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As we reported yesterday, Disney has sold the Power Rangers property back to Haim Saban, the creator of the franchise.

As a result, word has widely spread earlier today that the Power Rangers meet & greet opportunity at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World resort will see its last day on August 7, 2010.

At this time, there are no rumors of substance as to who may replace them if any, but the likeliest candidate is probably Phineas and Ferb who would be more or less at home on the Streets of America and are likely to show up in the parks on a full time basis eventually, but they were not expected to appear prior to October 1.

The recent years have not been kind to the meet & greet residents of the mean Streets of America who have included Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater (who had been moved several times before finding a permanent home in the parks) and Kim Possible with Ron Stoppable who have ceased appearing in the parks altogether.

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4 thoughts on “Disney Parks Gives Power Rangers the Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink Slips

  1. Well, here's MY two cents – if anyone cares…FIRST of all-when the Cars' characters were on the SoA, it was THE VERY BEST. You could hear them coming “a mile away,” and the crowds went nuts. It sounded like two Nascars coming around the corner, and when you could finally see them round that corner, it was like a celebrity had just entered the Park. It was amazing to watch the two of them coming. IMHO, they have really failed by putting them in that STATIONARY spot near Al's Toy Barn.

    As for Kim & Ron, they were a lot fun on the SoA too; I hate to see them disappear. They should, at the very least, be at Epcot where's Kim's Adventure is a HUGE hit. Why not put them there???


  2. Oh no! My son must be a “black cloud”. KP was his favorite, then we met the Power Rangers, who replaced her for 1st. He asked if they had a character meal. Sigh. I guess for every new piece of new, someone is sad about the change.

  3. I've heard that Disney thought that there would be the incongruity of people being involved in the Adventure and seeing Kim and Ron walking around doing something else at the same time.

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