Disney Pin Scammers May Soon be Trading in Slammer

Possibly exchanging fradulent Disney Pins for cigarettes, the Associated Press is reporting that Robert Smyrak, 52, of Anaheim, California and Larry Allred , 57, of Walnut, California were charged yesterday in Orange County for importing counterfeit goods in the form of Disney pins.

According to prosecutors, the two intended to sell approximately $2 Million dollars worth of fake Disney pins that they had commissioned to be made in China, then selling the fraudulent goods as genuine pins on eBay. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers learned of the scheme back in February when they intercepted a package addressed to Smyrak containing more than 150 pounds of pins.

Although the most common form of questionable trading pins available at deep discounts online are generally legitimately authorized pins from other countries, such as Sedesma pin from Spain, a category of counterfeit pins called overruns occurs when factories authorized to produce a run of legitimate pins intentionally creates more than requested, creating a lot of unauthorized pins. Apparently in this case, the pins were being re-created from originals, presumably purchased at the Disneyland resort by the alleged counterfeiters.

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