Disney, Pixar Toons Get in Shape for Easter with Eggstraordinary Works of Art

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Whilst on vacation at Walt Disney World in 1978, John Lamouranne was inspired to paint an egg for his daughter for Easter, portraying images such as the Monorail, the Contemporary Resort, Cinderella Castle and Disney characters. After honing his new craft, he made the natural leap to crafting whole bodies of personalities using eggs as his base as his art. Today, he is known as the ‘Egg Man.’

His art was recently featured on The Telegraph, including the Toy Story 3 display, and his spot-on caricatures of celebrities (both real and fictional) and fondness for Disney immediately grabbed hold of our attention and imagination. We were especially eggcited when John agreed to share some of his favorite Disney egg art with us, which we proudly present in our gallery below.

Because most other real eggs are too fragile, only goose eggs are used when their size is a match. Ceramic and wooden eggs fill in when other sizes are needed, although ‘Egg Man’ has been known to use real ostrich and emu eggs on rare occasions as well. The Toy Story piece, which he counts among his favorite projects, contains one real goose egg which forms the body of Rex. The entire piece took about seven hours to build.

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Undoubtedly one of the more complex pieces, however, is that of a single 4″ tall goose egg. On its shell, John has hand-painted six homages to Walt Disney World: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Cinderella Castle, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree and, of course, Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney himself. That egg is currently available for sale, complete with glass case, on eBay.

The good news is that many of the ‘Egg Man’s’ work is also available for purchase today via his eBay store. The bad news, however, is we’ve already purchased the Toy Story 3 one.

For more information on John ‘Egg Man’ Lamouranne, sample images of his egg art and to order custom egg art, visit his official website at iamjohntheeggman.com.

All images courtesy of and © John Lamouranne.

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