Disney Releases Two New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Apps for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' Enchanted Rose App for iPhoneDisney Interactive has released two new apps for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch in celebration (and promotion) of the October 5 release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition on Disney Blu-ray and DVD. Both apps are free.

The Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose app puts a modern spin on the flower petal-pulling ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ classic. After choosing the object of the love test (you can use Facebook Connect to choose a friend, manually enter in a name or skip a name altogether), click, shake or drag the petals off the Enchanted Rose as the app goes back and forth with your destiny on each drop. Shaking the device doesn’t appear to be as responsive as one might expect (and I can’t recommend doing it excessively on an iPad), but touching the rose is ultra-responsive and dragging also works well. If you used Facebook connect to choose the object of your affection, you’ll have the opportunity to post the results to your Facebook wall.

Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' Lumiere app for the iPhoneThe other app is the Beauty and the Beast Lumiere app and unfortunately it’s not nearly as impressive, but makes for a cute show-off app for the fans of the enchanted (and enchanting) candlestick holder. Acting as what amounts to a touch-sensitive lamp, touching Lumiere will light each of his candles, one by one. A fourth touch will extinguish the flames, but the idea is to actually ‘blow’ the candles out by blowing over the device’s microphone. The truth is, however, that virtually any recognizable audible sound will extinguish the flames. Thus when I tried to simply sweet talk Lumiere, the quickly extinguished flames did nothing but lower my self esteem. Truly Lumiere loves me not.

Both apps feature extras such as the ability to pre-order/purchase the Blu-ray/DVD via online retailers or through iTunes and also include a trailer promoting the film.

Update: An iPad-specific version of the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose app has been released.

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