Disney Store Scents, Disney Dream Dooney & Bourke, International Ears Now Available Online

We should have more details in tomorrow’s updates, but we thought you’d be interested in knowing about some of the products recently added to DisneyStore.com which includes their exclusive Imagination and Magic fragrances, the Dooney & Bourke Disney Dream collection and a set of Mouse Ears from around the World Showcase at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.

To find the fragrances, visit DisneyStore.com and search for the following item #s: For Imagination: candle (6452047841554P); hand/body lotion (6452047841555P); hand wash (6452047841556P); and room spray (6452047841557P). For Magic: candle (6452047841558P); hand/body lotion (6452047841559P); hand wash (6452047841560P); and room spray (6452047841561P).

For the ears: Mexico (7505002522380P); Germany (7505002522378P); Italy (7505002522379P); England (7505002522377P); and Canada (7505002522376P).

At this time, the Dooney and Bourke are all listed as Sold Out but they should hopefully become available soon. They are: Crossbody bag (7501002522445P); Wristlet (7501002522444P); Satchel (7501002522443P); and Tote Bag (7501002522442P).

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