Disney Theatrical Looks to Disney, Miramax, Tim Burton and The Beatles for Inspiration

First it was Dumbo and Newsies, now Disney Theatrical has gone on to register a slew of domain names which — at times — makes you wonder which films didn’t make the cut. Granted the registration of a domain name doesn’t guarantee the project will ever see the stage, but so far, Disney Theatrical has proved to live up to its promises which should make the staged versions of some of these choices interesting to say the least. So without further ado, on with the show:

Aladdin (AladdinOnTour.com); Alice in Wonderland (AliceInWonderlandBroadway.com, AliceInWonderlandOnBroadway.com, AliceInWonderlandOnTour.com, WonderlandOnTour.com); Calendar Girls (CalendarGirlsOnBroadway.com); Citizen Ruth (CitizenRuthOnTour.com, CitizenRuthTheMusical.com); Coyote Ugly (CoyoteUglyTheMusical.com); Father of the Bride (FatherOfTheBrideOnBroadway.com, FatherOfTheBrideOnTour.com); Flamingo Kid (FlamingoKidOnTour.com, FlamingoKidTheMusical.com); Freaky Friday (FreakyFridayOnBroadway.com, FreakyFridayOnTour.com, FreakyFridayTheMusical.com); Hunchback of Notre Dame (HunchbackOfNotreDameOnBroadway.com, HunchbackOnTour.com); Jungle Book (JungleBookTheMusical.com); Nightmare Before Christmas (?) (NightmareOnBroadway.com, NightmareOnTour.com, NightmareTheMusical.com); Pirates of the Caribbean (?) (PiratesOnBroadway.com, PiratesOnTour.com); Pollyana (PollyanaBroadway.com, PollyanaOnTour.com); Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (RomyAndMicheleOnTour.com); Shakespeare in Love (ShakespeareInLoveBroadway.com, ShakespeareInLoveOnBroadway.com, ShakespeareOnTour.com, ShakespeareTheMusical.com); Sister Act (SisterActOnTour.com), Step Up (StepUpOnBroadway.com, StepUpOnTour.com, StepUpTheMusical.com); Toy Story (ToyStoryOnBroadway.com, ToyStoryOnTour.com); Yellow Submarine (YellowSubmarineBroadway.com, YellowSubmarineOnTour.com).

It’s also worth noting that many of these projects have either already been translated to the stage including Citizen Ruth and Calendar Girls and that other projects have been known to be in the works for some time including Father of the Bride and Flamingo Kid.

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