Disneyland Paris Reports Net Loss of $145M in First Half of 2010

Despite the introduction of the Disney New Generation Festival this year, Euro Disney S.C.A has reported a net loss of approximately $145 million in the first half of the 2010 fiscal year (ending March 31), compared with a net loss of approximately $108 million for the first half of 2009. While individual guest spending did increase, the overall effect was an overall 7% decline in both theme park and hotel revenues with the bulk of that being blamed on a decline of visitors from the United Kingdom.

On April 2nd, the New Generation Festival kicked off at the Disneyland Paris Resort. Mickey Mouse welcomes the newest characters from the Disney universe, including Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from the Walt Disney Pictures’ animated features The Princess and the Frog and Remy and Emile from the Disney/Pixar movie Ratatouille into the Parks, to join in the fun.

In August 2010, Toy Story Playland will premiere at the Walt Disney Studios Park starring characters from the animated Disney/Pixar Toy Story films. Buzz Lightyear will welcome guests into Andy’s back yard as they are shrunk to the scale of a toy in an enormous playground. Toy Story Playland will include three all-new attractions: Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, simulating a parachute drop with Andy’s Green Army Men; Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin, a racetrack attraction and RC Racer, a 25-meter half-pipe race circuit.

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