Disneyland Ticket Booths Shut Down Due to White Powder Threat

The OC Register reported that cleaning crews called in reports of a suspicious white powder was found on some ticket booths early Sunday morning. Guests who had already entered the parks were allowed to remain but the booths were shut down until the powder could be tested and confirmed harmless.

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One thought on “Disneyland Ticket Booths Shut Down Due to White Powder Threat

  1. Are the any coupons or deals for Disneyland California?
    I am just going there for a day so I wouldn’t need the 2 day or the multiple park offers. I know that there might be savings on soda bottles or printable coupons or some fast food promos. Would any of you know of any of these deals? Appreciate the help in advance. P.S. – price per adult is $63 each .. pretty steep ….

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