Disneyland Website Creates Personalized ‘Summer Nightastic’ Videos

Personalized video from Disneyland's MySummerNightastic.comThe Disneyland Resort has been consistently knocking them out of the park lately with its web sites and mini-sites offering fun interactivity in all new ways.

Following the bleeding edge World Of Color Creator, with which we were the first to share the news (although perhaps a bit early), the Disneyland Resort now goes slightly more event generic with the Summer Nightastic personalized video creator at MySummerNightastic.com.

Operation of the site is excrutiating simple (unless you’re sporting a tin foil hat). The site uses Facebook Connect to attach itself to your Facebook account where it wants to access a whole bunch of info and pics that it embeds in a really fun video blending Summer Nightastic footage with your own personal affects all to the accompaniment of the  Summer Nightastic theme. After you’re finishing watching your video, watch it again or (optionally) share it with your friends through Facebook.

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