Disney’s Animal Kingdom Now Offers Vero Beach’s Adopt-A-Nest Program for Sea Turtle Conservation

As if the reasons for visiting Rafiki’s Planet Watch weren’t numerous enough, Out of the Wild, the area’s gift shop is now offering Adopt-A-Nest packages from Disney’s Vero Beach resort.

Up until now, the offer has been available exclusively at the Vero Beach Resort, but now guests at Walt Disney World have the opportunity to adopt their own sea turtle nest while benefitting sea turtle conservation through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF).

For the adoption fee of $50, guests will receive a Squirt plush toy (from Finding Nemo); a Disney Worldwide Conservation Hero Button; and an adoption certificate that lists the species of turtle and location of the nest. Guests can use their certificate number to track their nest’s success and possible hatchings on DisneyConservation.com. All proceeds go directly to the DWCF and sea turtle conservation efforts in Florida.

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