Disney’s Flamingo Crossings Gets First Occupant, Files Trademark Applications

Located just a couple of miles outside of the Walt Disney World gates, news on Disney’s planned shopping, dining and hotel district community known as ‘Flamingo Crossings’ has remained sparse and eerily quiet. Much of that changed a couple of months ago, however, when news of an association with Walgreens was discovered. In addition to the agreement between Walgreens and Flamingo Crossings, LLC, we thought it would be worth it to take a few moments to take a look at some of the activity that’s been taken place over the past couple of months.

We begin on October 3, when Walt Disney World filed a ‘Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Obligations for Flamingo Crossings’ (available for your enjoyment here). The 135 page document establishes the community and its governing association as well as sets up various initial guidelines including what types of retail locations and recreation you won’t be able to find on property. In addition to the expected which includes the banning of adult-only entertainment, liquor stores, tattoo parlors (and body piercing), bars and gun ranges, the Declaration contains a list of activities dozens long of what you won’t be able to find at Flamingo Crossings. Among them are ‘souvenir-style’ merchandise shops, doctors’ offices and activities commonly associated with Downtown Disney such as movie theaters and bowling alleys (i.e., Splitsville). You also won’t find activities that compete with Disney such as time shares or promotion of cruises and entertainment venues that aren’t owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. Also banned are any unsightly obstructions and activities such as tents and outside promotional activities. Even trucks are prohibited from being parked in the streets, even for loading/unloading purposes, and may not remain on property overnight.

Also on October 3, Walt Disney World, on behalf of Flamingo Crossings, LLC, filed a special warranty deed with Walgreens as well as as Restriction Agreement, making them the first known retailer to come on board with the project.

Finally, and most recently, Disney filed a series of trademark applications for Flamingo Crossings earlier this month for various items such as: ‘education and entertainment services,’ ‘real estate services; real estate financing services; real estate time-share services,’ ‘real estate development and planning services; land development services, namely, laying out of residential and commercial properties within a multi-use community,’ ‘retail store services’ and ‘security services for the protection of property and individuals.’

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