Disney’s ‘Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty’ Now Available for Pre-order

Disney's Legacy Collection 'Sleeping Beauty' Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for the third title in the Disney Legacy Collection, Sleeping Beauty, which will be released on October 7, 2014, in honor of the 55th anniversary of the 1959 animated classic.

The two disc set features the original songs and score from the film as well as album versions of tracks, demos and ‘lost chords’ — songs that were written for the film but were ultimately cut in various stages of production before the film made it to the big screen.

The complete track list is as follows:

1) Main Title / Once Upon a Dream / Prologue
2) Hail to Princess Aurora Performed by Disney Studio Chorus
3) The Gifts of Beauty and Song / Maleficent Appears / True Love Conquers All Performed by Disney Studio Chorus
4) The Burning of the Spinning Wheels / The Fairies Plan
5) Maleficent’s Frustration
6) A Cottage in the Woods
7) Do You Hear That? / I Wonder Performed by Mary Costa
8) An Unusual Prince / Once Upon a Dream Performed by Mary Costa and Bill Shirley
9) Magical House Cleaning / Blue or Pink
10) A Secret Revealed
11) Skumps (Drinking Song) / The Royal Argument Performed by Bill Thompson and Taylor Holmes
12) Prince Phillip Arrives / How to Tell Stefan
13) Aurora’s Return / Maleficent’s Evil Spell
14) Poor Aurora / Sleeping Beauty Performed by Disney Studio Chorus
15) Forbidden Mountain
16) A Fairy Tale Come True
17) Battle with the Forces of Evil
18) Awakening
19) Finale


The Lost Chords of Sleeping Beauty

1) It Happens I Have a Picture Demo, Performed by Hans Conried and Bill Thompson
2) It Happens I Have a Picture, Performed by Dennis Kyle and Randy Crenshaw
3) Riddle, Diddle, One, Two, Three Demo, Performed by Verna Felton, Barbara Jo Allen and Coleen Collins
4) Riddle, Diddle, One, Two, Three, Performed by Cindy Robinson
5) Evil — Evil Demo, Performed by Hans, Conried and Bill Thompson
6) Evil — Evil, Performed by Kevin Michael Richardson, Randy Crenshaw and Dennis Kyle

Bonus Tracks

7) Sleeping Beauty Overture
8) Blue Bird / I Wonder Album Version, Performed by Mary Costa
9) Woodland Symphony / Once Upon a Dream Album Version, Performed by Mary Costa and Bill Lee
10) Love Theme from Sleeping Beauty

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