Disney’s Magical Express Cutting Costs

A couple of recent changes that shouldn’t affect most guests have been introduced to the Disney’s Magical Express service, presumably as a cost saving measure.

Whereas guests used to be mailed two yellow DME tags per guest on the reservation (the two stemming from the maximum number of checked bags for most airlines), DME is now shipping just one, piggybacking on the notion that guests are packing more frugally to avoid heavy airline fees. If necessary, additional labels should be available upon request, however DME has never actually required guests to use the tags to make full use of the luggage delivery service.

The second change which begins March 30 is that all guests on flights arriving after 10 pm will have to pick up their luggage at their airline’s baggage claim whether or not the yellow DME tag was used. Currently, luggage continues to be delivered to the resort throughout the night, even when the in-room delivery stops around 11 pm, but this move makes it official that any WDW-bound bags left at the airport after 10 pm will remain there until the service resumes the next morning. Guests arriving after 10 will be directed to baggage claim at the DME Welcome Desk if they fail to collect their checked bags.

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