Disney’s First Marvel-ous Move Since Acquisiton of Comics Powerhouse

Disney has made its first move since it acquired Marvel Entertainment this past year and it could prove to be a promising one for the company. But before we fly to conclusions, sorry, legions of Ant-Man fans, it’s not about him. Not yet.

In stark contrast to bringing to life some of the lesser characters, Disney’s first Marvel gesture relies on an established character who will literally be box office gold (and red) for Paramount when it releases Marvel’s Iron Man 2 this summer.

Disney has officially registered IronManOnDVD.com. No telling what Disney’s plans with the domain name are, but please allow us to speculate:

3. Disney could simply be doing nothing with it and just flexing their internet muscles
2. There could be an upcoming new animated straight-to-dvd film to coincide with the theatrical release as its been a common practice with comic films as of late
1. Disney could be planning to finally release Iron Man, the animated series that first debuted as part of The Marvel Action Hour in 1994-1996, on DVD. The series was previously released by Disney in Europe (DVD Region 2) in 2007 but they have never released it in North America, but have run the series on Disney XD.

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