Disney’s PhotoPass Formally Offers Photo Extensions for a Fee

The official storage policy for Disney’s PhotoPass photos is that they will be available online for editing and ordering for at least 30 days after being added to one’s account. Afterwards, deletions were sure to occur (although the occasional rogue photos may have managed to escape their fate a la Logan’s Run). From the very beginning, many users had struggled to complete all of the editing within the 30 day timeframe and with additional enhancements to both the website and the actual PhotoPass system itself over the years, the 30 day period has proven to become increasingly difficult for many customers.

So much so that Disney’s PhotoPass even ran a popular promotion last year where a single purchase would grant your photos a stay for a brief period of time. Another undocumented feature that we had promoted in our Definitive Guide to PhotoPass was that a simple request by email would grant customers a free extension of what was meant to be 2 weeks but was often up to another month of storage.

With no doubt, it became an increasingly popular request and now the system has adapted to fulfill the needs of customers who foresee themselves running out of time — and it costs. Just like any other product available on disneyphotopass.com, photo storage extensions can now be purchased at the rate of $4.95 for one week or $9.95 for 15 days.

Please expect a major overhaul of the Definitive Guide to PhotoPass this weekend including the changes to reflect this news.

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