The Disney’s PhotoPass Pre-Purchase Offer Free-for-all Has Returned

We’ve known about this for a few days now and were awaiting official word from Disney’s PhotoPass but as word is getting out (and we have been receiving multiple emails from our readers — for which we graciously thank you), we feel it’s only fair to share the news with all our readers.

The no-email-required PhotoPass pre-order is back!

The URL itself has changed, but the old one actually forwards to the new one, so now it appears all Walt Disney World guests can pre-purchase not only just the PhotoCD for $99.95, but the Ultimate Memory Package as well for $149.95, consisting of both the PhotoCD and a Custom Cover PhotoBook worth up to $79.95.

Since the announcement has not been made official from Disney’s PhotoPass, we advise that you are making use of this opportunity at your own risk.

To pre-purchase the PhotoCD or the Ultimate Memory Package, click here.

Update: 3/14/10 – We are expecting additional information soon but we have been informed that the offer is currently in a beta mode so it’s not really intended for mass consumption yet, so as always, proceed further at your own risk.

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In addition, we have learned that one major change since the offer is coming back is that the PhotoCD will only include photos claimed AFTER the pre-purchase. So the pre-purchase cannot be done after the vacation, otherwise guests will end up with an empty PhotoCD.

Update: 3/19/10 – Disney’s PhotoPass has officially announced the return of the pre-purchase link via its Facebook page

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3 thoughts on “The Disney’s PhotoPass Pre-Purchase Offer Free-for-all Has Returned

  1. Wahoo!! I was so upset last year when I had to pay for my CD in full!! I just prepaid for our upcoming trip!!

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