The Disney’s PhotoPass Pre-Purchase Offer Free-for-all Has Returned

We’ve known about this for a few days now and were awaiting official word from Disney’s PhotoPass but as word is getting out (and we have been receiving multiple emails from our readers — for which we graciously thank you), we feel it’s only fair to share the news with all our readers.

The no-email-required PhotoPass pre-order is back!

The URL itself has changed, but the old one actually forwards to the new one, so now it appears all Walt Disney World guests can pre-purchase not only just the PhotoCD for $99.95, but the Ultimate Memory Package as well for $149.95, consisting of both the PhotoCD and a Custom Cover PhotoBook worth up to $79.95.

Since the announcement has not been made official from Disney’s PhotoPass, we advise that you are making use of this opportunity at your own risk.

To pre-purchase the PhotoCD or the Ultimate Memory Package, click here.

Update: 3/14/10 – We are expecting additional information soon but we have been informed that the offer is currently in a beta mode so it’s not really intended for mass consumption yet, so as always, proceed further at your own risk.

In addition, we have learned that one major change since the offer is coming back is that the PhotoCD will only include photos claimed AFTER the pre-purchase. So the pre-purchase cannot be done after the vacation, otherwise guests will end up with an empty PhotoCD.

Update: 3/19/10 – Disney’s PhotoPass has officially announced the return of the pre-purchase link via its Facebook page

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3 thoughts on “The Disney’s PhotoPass Pre-Purchase Offer Free-for-all Has Returned

  1. Wahoo!! I was so upset last year when I had to pay for my CD in full!! I just prepaid for our upcoming trip!!

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