Disney’s ‘PROM’ Featurette: Lloyd Taylor (Nicholas Braun)

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Walt Disney Studios New Zealand has provided us with this first look at one of the many new characters in the upcoming teen comedy Prom from Walt Disney Studios. Featuring Nicholas Braun as Lloyd Taylor and Raini Rodriguez as pal Tess as they explore the proper avenues for finding a prom date.

Described as a reluctant romantic, you may find yourself asking him Lloyd, who? You go to Brookside? Yes — Lloyd is that kid you see at graduation and realize you never talked to in all of your four years. A comedic character, Lloyd is looking hard for a prom date after he realizes he’s never asked a girl to do…well, anything…and now high school is coming to an end. Motivated by the fact that his time is running out and he’s left no legacy, he turns into an unstoppable romantic with a repertoire of funny antics. Putting all his game into play for an all-out prom-date blitz, Lloyd hopes to wind up with a girl — any girl.

Prom is slated to be released in theaters nationwide on April 29, 2011. For stills, trailers and even more information, follow this live bookmark.

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