Disney’s ‘Prom’ Plot Details Revealed (Spoiler Alert)

Disney's 'Prom' Teaser PosterJust moments after we shared with you the new teaser poster for Prom from Walt Disney Studios, we stumbled across this description of the novelizationof the film which reveals a bit more juicy details on what to expect in the film.

WARNING: This description most likely contains spoilers so please feel free to read no further if you so wish.

For some, it’s the most highly-anticipated event in all of high school. For others, it’s dreaded like the SATs. For Nova Prescott, it’s a night she’s been planning for months. It’s prom. And all Nova wants is for Brandon to ask her to be his date. It looks as though all her organization will pay off, but then Brandon asks her to “carpool” so they can lower their “carbon imprint” and to make matters worse, an accidental fire causes the prom decorations to go up in smoke! The principal decides that this is the perfect opportunity for the school rebel, Jesse, to put in some community service, and Jesse is forced to take time after school to help Nova repair the damage. At first this seems like torture for both of them, but slowly Nova begins to see that there is something kind and warm beneath Jesse’s motorcycle-riding, brooding exterior. Is it possible that he was falsely accused? Nova’s mother tries to warn her that Jesse isn’t the type to stick around—that he’ll disappear just like Nova’s own father—and Nova doesn’t know who to believe. Should she take the safe route and carpool with Brandon, or should she follow her heart and put her trust in Jesse?

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One thought on “Disney’s ‘Prom’ Plot Details Revealed (Spoiler Alert)

  1. Cool,but what about the other characters ? the leading couple don’t look so good,i want to know about the other couples,mainly Simone and Lucas.Anyway thanks for posting!

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