Disney’s Star Wars Weekends 2010 Update – More Exclusive Merchandise and New Characters

Annual Passholder and DVC Member Exclusive Star Wars Weekends 2010 PinsStar Wars Weekends 2010 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World resort is slowly creeping upon us and the news is starting to seep in. So far we’ve learned about the extremely limited edition and extremely awesome Stitch as the Emperor’s Hologram action figure (buy us ten!), the celebrity guest list and little more.

Today, the tides have changed a bit (probably due to the Forest Moon of Endor) and we have news from the Disney Parks blog on upcoming SWW exclusive pins, including Annual Passholder and — for the very first time — DVC Member exclusive items as well as special pins and sets commemorating the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back.

The blog entry also takes a peek at Star Wars influenced open-edition pins such as the R2-MK and a Muppet Star Wars pin series.

A little clone birdie also tells us that with the Weekends comes news of new meet & greet characters for the event. The beautiful but excessively deadly, not-quite-a-sith-but-as-close-as-one-can-get-without-actually-being-one Asajj Ventress will make her debut as will a certain member of the clone army. We haven’t been given confirmation yet but we hear he looks quite a bit like Commander Bly (but don’t hold us to that, otherwise we’ll look to hire Asajj).

UPDATE: According to a thread on Studios Central responding to this item, Asajj will be appearing only as part of the Jedi Training Academy during the event and it is in fact Commander Cody offering meet & greet opportunities, not Commander Bly.

Ventress, Asajj

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