Disney’s ‘Story’ App Uses Personal Media on iPhone to Generate Narratives Automatically

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Disney has announced ‘Story,’ an Apple iPhone/iPad application that can automatically group your personal photos and videos and combine them into a narrative to tell a story.

According to the app’s mission statement (via its description on its official Facebook page), ‘Disney has been telling the stories that you love for generations. Now, we can help you tell yours.’

The app description continues to outline what it does and how it goes about doing so. Using date and GPS data associated with photos and videos stored on the smart phone, Story automatically groups them together in a ready-to-share package, which can then be shared via social media outlets such as Facebook and email, on the official Story.us website, or even embedded on personal blogs.

Additionally, the Story packages can be customized by choosing from a selection of themes, layouts and adding personalized captions to complete the story. The app also supports saving the Story project to Apple’s iCloud for future enjoyment and reference.

‘When we become moms, our phones instantly become the go-to device to capture the spontaneous moments of family life. Before we know it, we have thousands of photos and videos on our phones,’ said Brooke Chaffin, senior vice president, Disney Interactive Family. ‘Until now, there hasn’t been an easy or well-designed way to liberate this media, see the narratives that we create, and tell the stories we want to share.’

Disney Story also has an official Twitter account at @DisneyStory but has yet to offer anything in way of teasing the app.

Disney Interactive has provided us with the gallery of images below demonstrating Story which will soon be available on the Apple AppStore:

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Walt Disney Parks has also been developing automated storytelling processes for its guests which will combine guests’ smart phone photos as well as photos from the Disney PhotoPass service.

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