Disney’s ‘Tangled’ – New Clip, Featurette, Stills and More (So Much More!)

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Quite a bit can happen in just a day and nothing is further proof than that of the new cogs added to the Disney’s Tangled publicity machine. Today we bring you recent news of an all new clip from Walt Disney Animation Studio’s 50th animated classic, a featurette, a magical event and more stills than ever, effectively doubling the library.

In this clip titled ‘Reluctant Alliance,’ Rapunzel is on a mission to see the floating lantern spectacle, Maximus is on a mission to catch Flynn Rider and Flynn, well, he’s Flynn. Rapunzel also learns a rather painful lesson when it comes to having 70 feet of hair too.

Next up is a featurette titled ‘Sidekicks’ which further investigates the supporting team in the movie: Maximus, Pascal and the Pub Thugs at the Snuggly Duckling. This time, lead voice actors Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi and co-directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard are joined by co-actors Brad Garrett and Jeffrey Tambor as well as John Lasseter.

Finally (for the videos anyway), Disneyland Paris held the premiere of Tangled. The French actors who portray Rapunzel, Flynn, et al were on hand for the event as were the directors Nathan and Byron, producer Roy Conti, composer Alan Menken and father/daughter team Glen and Claire Keane. The event also included a staged presentation featuring Rapunzel and Flynn along with actual floating lanterns.

Interestingly enough, we learn that the end title song for the French version of the film is ‘I Wish’ by French singer Sara as opposed to the English version which features Grace Potter.

Finally, the stills. Walt Disney Animation Studios has provided us with 24 additional stills that we have added to our existing library below. Unfortunately most of them aren’t quite as hi-res as we’re used to so we hope to update that in the near future.

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