Disney’s ‘Tangled’ Clip: ‘PAN-dering’ (Plus a Couple More)

I feel like I’ve been sharing a new clip from Disney’s Tangled practically every day. Oh wait, I have. This clip, titled ‘Pan-dering’ for reasons I suspect I shall never learn, actually is the lead-in to the clip posted yesterday, ‘Person In My Closet’ so I’ve re-posted it below the new one so you can re-watch it in sequence.

In short, Rapunzel has a frying pan.

On that happy note, ‘The Smolder’ was also released yesterday but I think I forgot to share it. So I’m left with no choice, here comes ‘The Smolder.’

Disney’s Tangled stars the vocal talents of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy and opens in theaters nationwide on November 24. For additional information on Disney’s Tangled including personal appearance photos, clips, featurettes, stills, Grace Potter’s performance of the end-title song ‘Something That I Want’ and more, follow this live bookmark.

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