Disney’s Toontown Online Ups the Silly Ante When Street Objects Come to Life

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For the first time ever, Disney’s Toontown Online fun-filled virtual world is getting even sillier!  Due to high amounts of Toon-generated mayhem, the rising silly levels are making objects on the street come alive. Juggling trash cans, pie-delivering mailboxes and cheering fire hydrants are helping those zany Toons play sillier-than-ever gags on the evil robot Cogs. It’s history in the making!

To monitor this rise in silliness, the Toon scientists have built the all new Silly Meter. As Toons’ outrageous antics cause silly levels to climb, the Silly Meter gets crazier and Toontown gets even more animated. To raise the levels in the Silly Meter, Toons use their gags on the evil Cogs to cause Silly Surges. Join in the fun and help keep silly levels rising by breaking out your cream pies, squirt guns and fire hoses to keep the Cogs at bay.  You’ve never seen Toontown like this!

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