Kristen Bell Isn’t Disney’s ‘Zootopia’s Only ‘Frozen’ Easter Egg

Anna and Elsa Disneybounders in FrozenFace it, there is no escaping of Frozen, even for the citizens of Disney’s Zootopia (March 4, 2016). We had already reported earlier this year that Kristen Bell had a cameo voicing Priscilla the Sloth from the DMV, but earlier tonight, we released several new high-res stills from the film and it didn’t take Stitch Kingdom reader Ashley Boh long to find a tribute to the film in the panoramic shot of Tundra Town.

Sure enough, it’s already pretty clear in the original image (seen below) in its full resolution, but the zoomed in image shown above pretty much says it all. Pictured on the screen are two young elephants that appear to be Disneybounding as Elsa and Anna. The quasi-cameo — Zootopia features no humans, so a true cameo wouldn’t be possible —  seems pretty fitting since Rapunzel from Tangled (which Byron Howard also co-directed) famously made an appearance in Frozen.

Tundra Town

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