Disney-Themed Japanese Pocket Puzzles on Sale at ThinkGeek.com

ThinkGeek.com has listed its Disney-themed Japanese pocket puzzles at 50% off, now just $4.99 each. There are three different versions of the puzzle: Alice in Wonderland, Winnnie-the-Pooh and Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Details along with a link for additional information and photos below:

Disney Japanese Pocket Puzzle Disney Japanese Pocket Puzzle

You may be familiar with our Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzles. These solid metal puzzles are almost too deviously evil to inflict on you and your friends. Now we have some highly collectable Disney themed versions of pocket puzzle which are just as tantalizingly frustrating as the originals. In the Alice in Wonderland version you need to help Alice navigate the Queen’s maze. Winnie the Pooh can’t seem to get himself out of Rabbit’s hole, can you offer any assistance? Mickey and Minnie keys need to be separated, but it’s much harder than it looks. These Disney Japanese Pocket Puzzles are based on classic mechanical puzzles from around the world. What makes these puzzles so appealing is how you always seem to be on the verge of solving them. The precision metal casting becomes apparent as you try to separate the parts of each one to solve it. They are just sooo close to coming apart you will be cringing with delight. Solutions are NOT included… but maybe if you call us and ask us nicely we’ll give you a hint… that is as soon as we solve ours.

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