Donald Duck Groping Case to Move Forward in Pennsylvania Court

U.S. District Judge John R. Padova has ruled that a recent lawsuit charging an act of molestation by Donald Duck in Epcot back in 2008 will go forward in Pennsylvania despite attempts by The Walt Disney Company to have the case moved to Florida.

According to the decision, the plaintiff, April Magolon, her fiance (a witness) and her doctors are all located in the state, justifying the decision to leave the case within its borders.

Magolon, who is seeking charges in excess of $50,000, has claimed that the incident has resulted in ‘severe physical injury, emotional anguish and distress including, but not limited to post-traumatic stress disorder.’

Magolon’s complaint, which is linked to in our original coverage of the lawsuit, alleges that molestation of guests by characters is a chronic situation in the parks and goes on to cite a previous case that went to trial, that of Michael Chartrand, which resulted in a not guilty verdict due to the ability of the defense proving that full awareness of the environment as well as physical movement is constrained by the costume itself.

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One thought on “Donald Duck Groping Case to Move Forward in Pennsylvania Court

  1. This trial sounds like a money-makin opportunity and the group sueing seem like greedy idiots. No one can touch asnything through those thick fabrics used in making theme park costumes. What a bunch of crooks- Mental anguish- come on- I have mental anguish with the Army engineers after Katrina- now that’s a severe complaint that won’t go to trial!

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