‘DuckTales’ Series of Posters by Mondo (and Tips on Scoring Them) (Hi-Res Images)

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In honor of the ‘DuckTales Remastered’ video game’s release, Mondo and Disney have teamed up to offer a whole new series of posters based on the franchise. Tomorrow, at a random time, Mondo will release a total of four different posters plus two variants. The news came to us via Disney’s online blog, Oh My Disney who was also kind enough to supply us with hi-res versions of the posters which we feature in a gallery below. OMD! also caught up with Phantom City Creative artist Justin Erickson who gave some insight into creating his contribution, the Magica de Spell portrait.

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Edition sizes and prices vary per print, but you should be able to see specific details as the caption for each of the images we have here.

All of the posters will go on sale tomorrow, August 28, at MondoTees.com at a random time. Those interested in purchasing the poster are advised to follow @MondoNews on Twitter for the on-sale announcement.

Now, for those of you have read Stitch Kingdom for a while and are also fans of the Mondo poster releases, you will likely be aware that Mondo releases can sell out in seconds — especially when the largest edition size here is just 240 pieces. We’d now like to offer our readers some of our own exclusive tips that just may help you score one of these beauties, so pay close attention:

  • First and foremost, create yourself a mondotees.com account if you don’t already have one as soon as possible. This is one half of expediting the ordering process. Even if you manage to get the poster in your basket, it’s not guaranteed until the check-out is complete.
  • Second, follow and add @MondoNews to your mobile notifications (set them up if you haven’t already). This isn’t always the guaranteed method of knowing they’re on sale, but it helps. In fact, if you get a text message tomorrow morning, do not check it! Assume it’s the on sale notice and proceed to our directions below. Worst case, it’s a false alarm, but the seconds you spend verifying it will likely cost you the purchase.
  • Third, you might also want to keep a separate window open tomorrow for http://twitter.com/mondonews and watch for your browser window title to update when there is a new incoming tweet. Again, don’t verify it’s the on sale notice, just assume it is. Note that sometimes when you have a page open for someone after so long, Twitter will stop updating it, so be sure to refresh every 15 minutes or so depending on your anxiety level.
  • Fourth, on sale day, ensure you are logged in to mondotees.com with your account created in the first step. Having to log in to your account after the sale begins will hurt you a lot, so periodically check the upper left hand corner of the page to verify you are still logged in.
  • Lastly — and this is the tricky part — sometimes Mondo will tweet direct links to the shop, sometimes to their blog. Either way, you are taking your chances following their links. Every split-second means more and more people will be attacking their servers and every link you have to click hurts your chances exponentially. Therefore here’s an insider tip (and proceed at your own risk!):The URLs Mondo uses to access its products are mostly irrelevant — the only important part is the number, which increases sequentially. On the site currently, the highest value is 1159 (‘Alien Queen’). You’ll note that https://www.mondotees.com/ANYTHING_CAN_GO_HERE_IT_DOESN’T_MATTER _p_1159.html will still get you right to the item. Again, that’s because it’s looking for the number.

    That said, we can craft some special links which may or may not work tomorrow knowing the numbers will increase (the only problem being that items doesn’t exist once they’re sold out, so it’s no guarantee what the next number to be used will be). Therefore, we’ll create some extras just in case. Therefore when the on sale begins, the first thing you’ll want to do is start clicking all of the sample links below and we just hope that some (or all) will work and bring you right to the poster you wish to purchase and you can secure it in time (each link opens in a new window — you should also control-click them so they open in the background and don’t take away the focus — you should be able to tell from the new tab titles whether any worked).This is for 1160
    This is for 1161
    This is for 1162
    This is for 1163
    This is for 1164
    This is for 1165
    This is for 1166
    This is for 1167
    This is for 1168
    This is for 1190
    This is for 1170

    Note that the links will not work if you click them too early. The items will only show up once the sale begins. You can still practice though, most will just result in an error page (for now).

    Also note that any information used contained in this post is done purely at your own risk. For obvious reasons, we can make no guarantees or promises whether you will secure a poster using our methods.

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