E3: New ‘Epic Mickey’ Screenshots, Teaser Trailer Released

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In honor of the upcoming Epic Mickey game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii from Disney Interactive Studios and Junction Point Studios, Disney has released several new screenshots as well as the following teaser trailer (look out for what appears to be the Partners statue — with a twist).

The game will allow the player to explore the cartoon wasteland as Mickey Mouse, using the Wii remote as either a paintbrush or paint thinner, respectively creating or erasing items in the game with promises of changing the gameplay based on the player’s choices.

Also released is this behind-the-scenes video which includes some gameplay and concept art

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Epic Mickey is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

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2 thoughts on “E3: New ‘Epic Mickey’ Screenshots, Teaser Trailer Released

  1. That particular article, no. But I presume it's about Warren Spector noting that Mickey will not transform into a 'runaway brain' type if he's too evil. That I have heard about.

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