First Element of Fantasyland Expansion Makes On-Stage Debut

'Beauty and the Beast'-inspired snack cart at Magic KingdomIf you’re wondering why this new snack cart at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World looks more like it was crafted by ‘crazy old Maurice’ rather than Walt Disney Imagineers, it’s because it will eventually find its home just beyond that blue wall, inside Gaston’s Village as part of the park’s Fantasyland Expansion project.

The Walt Disney World Resort recently announced that its Toontown Country Fair will be closed permanently as of February 12, 2011 to continue work on the expansion which involves the relocation and doubling of the Dumbo attraction into that area. The only remaining attractions will be the train station and Goofy’s Barnstormer, re-themed to the area.


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6 thoughts on “First Element of Fantasyland Expansion Makes On-Stage Debut

  1. they shouldn’t close toon town and they should NOT re-theme the barn stormer. it’s just a stupid plan. disney should stop all this changing of old, good rides and then replacing them with new, terrible, unisex themed rides. they should think of boys as something other than skateboarding, gross, and stupid people who are obsessed with cars, sports and crude humor.

  2. They have plenty of land. That was the whole point of Walt Purchasing in florida. Why demolish existing stuff to retheme when every year the parks get bussier and bussier. They need more stuff to do so they can host more crowds without the place looking like its busy. Why build more hotels and shopping if the parks are the same size attractionwise. I will never go ack in the summer. Too many guests around

  3. They aren’t really losing anything. They are currently building over the old 20,000 leagues under the sea area which hasnt been in operation for years. And yes, they are doing away with the toontown area but they arent losing attractions. They were just stationary houses and a boat. The rollercoaster will still be there, just themed differently. The additions are going to enormous, adding much more space. 4 new princess areas, Tinkerbell area and a Dumbo/Circus area. If you would look up all of the additions they are doing you would understand why this is such an amazing idea!

  4. The extention of fantasy land in my opinion is going to be amazing as it will actually look like an extention to the castle.The new dark ride I have been looking forward to for years as it was first planned for DL Paris.Re.theme barnstormer well why not let face it its just a small element in the park ,and,it may look better ,lets wait and see.The area looked a mess anyway especially with the tents and dont forget Mickey and Minnies house are just being moved and may be themed even more if we are lucky.Im pleased to see some change.

  5. I am really looking forward to this expansion. All of the current rides in Fantasyland involve movies over 30 years old. Many of the things they’re including are already in DisneyLand, or that they are adding to DisneyLand, too. They are converting the old 20,000 leagues into an underwater Little Mermaid adventure, which is a great makeover. Adding Pixie Hollow is also an exciting transition. I agree that some of Disney’s changes have not been for the best, it seems lately I have been pleased with all the changes. There’s a really cool documentary we found on Netflix (actually 4 of them, but the one on DisneyLand California is particularly interesting, since it shows you some of the rides we’ll soon get in Florida, as well as some proposed changes). Watch that and tell me you’re not excited about this expansion!
    As for the loss of Toon Town, we will miss the playground area and the greeting area, but that’s really it. The houses aren’t good for much more than a walk-thru, and there are other play areas in Disney, and I’m sure the new expansion will be a big improvement on everything else.

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