‘Epic Mickey 2′ ‘Power of Characters’ Featurette, Frontierland Screenshots and Concept Art

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Disney - Piglet

Disney - Eeyore

Disney - Bambi

Disney Epic Mickey 2 Concept Art - Fort Wasteland

Disney Interactive has released a new featurette for its upcoming ‘Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two,’ titled ‘The Power of Character.’ In the video, the creative team at Junction Point talk about the importance of choosing elements and the attributes of the characters that appear within the game. In addition to talking about Mickey and Oswald’s special abilities, Warren Spector discusses the influence that Oswald’s galpal, Ortensia, will yield in the game (including some great looks of her in action — no samples of her speaking yet, unfortunately) and the internal struggles of the Mad Doctor who marks his return in the game’s sequel.

Disney also provided us with new screen shots and even some concept art which take a look at Disney Gulch, a new land that debuts in ‘Epic Mickey 2′ and is reminiscent of Frontierland. The concept art also demonstrate the wealth of Disney references that inhabit the game, such as Jiminy Cricket’s disturbing appearance at the Disney Gulch train station.

Disney Gulch concept art:

‘Disney Epic Mickey 2′ Screenshots (newest at beginning of gallery)

‘Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two’ is scheduled for release on Mickey’s birthday, November 18, 2012 and is currently available for pre-order for Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. Windows and Mac platforms will also be available

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  1. I can not wait for Epic Mickey two to come out, I am having a hard time picking what system I should get it on tho? What is everyone’s thought?What systems are you going to get it on?

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